Often, eating disorder shows up in one’s life as a little voice that tells you “you are a failure“, “you are not worthy “, “you are ugly”, “you are just not enough!” This voice invalidates your experience and feelings, berates your character and criticizes your appearance. ED becomes an internal bully, which only gets stronger as you listen to it and try to get to its unrealistic standard by engaging in destructive behaviors.

Eating disorder robs you of your power to be yourself. Most likely, you were listening to this voice, ever since you were little. You might have forgotten what it is like to be unburdened, free and at peace.

In order to hear your own voice, create a new narrative for your life and break free from ED behaviors, therapy is a great first step!

How I can help?

I specialize in treating Eating disorders. I am especially skilled in working with teens and their families as they work towards full recovery. Engaging families and empowering them has proved to be one of the main factors in favorable treatment outcome. I believe in collaborative and team approach to treating Eating Disorders and always welcome close collaboration with other specialists.

I offer individual therapy, as well as family and couples therapy formats. Also, I do private coaching for parents, and I run a weekly support group for parents, whose child struggles with an ED.

In my work, I use evidence-based approaches, which means that their effectiveness was proven in clinical studies: Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Dialectical Behavioral therapy, Family-Based Treatment (for EDs), Internal Family Systems etc. I adhere to the philosophy of Health at Every Size (HAES) and constantly pursue training to deepen my knowledge.

Q Do you accept insurance?

No, I am not on any insurance panels. However, I am considered an out-of-network provider, I can provide you with superbill, which insurance companies are very likely to reimburse. If you have more questions about that, please feel free to contact me.

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