I have worked extensively with clients (All genders) struggling with Eating Disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, ARFID, OSFED) negative body image, dysphoria, as well as mood, anxiety and spiritual related issues. My experience in Residential, PHP, IOP, and Outpatient treatment settings has given me the discernment to meet clients where they are and partner with them to move forward. My goal is for you to feel an embodied sense of vitality in connection to yourself and your relationships. All patterns of behavior have served as some form of adaptive coping, so I am both gentle and empowering in learning to let them go.
My approach is collaborative and holistically tailored to you and your values. I am not as concerned with your ‘do’ing as much as your ‘be’ing. I also draw from tangible skills such as mindfulness, somatic experiencing, ACT, DBT, and exposure response prevention. I offer meal support and planned exposures when indicated and see 17+ and matured adults.
Each person has a story worth belonging in with aliveness, no one deserves to merely tolerate life. My joy is getting to enter into your story with you. I believe just as all people have capacity for wounding, so they have the resources within them to heal. It is just my job to listen closely enough to remind them.