Life can be as painful as it is beautiful. It’s not always easy to be our true selves. I am here to support you in living life authentically and without shame – to be confident in the person you truly are. Together we will celebrate the positives and work through the challenges that life presents. I believe your personal goals can be achieved and your struggles can be overcome with support that meets your needs. We can move from a place of insecurity to a state of knowing who you are and how to be in this world. I will provide a safe and non-judgmental environment in which to discover yourself. I feel at home in the work that I do and genuinely look forward to empowering you in the life that you lead.


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Q What do you do in your free time?

I am a mother to my toddler and 5 fur babies. Most of my clients are also aware of my passion for DIY projects, art, baking, and my shameless obsession with Harry Potter.