Make Food “Just Food” Again
You’ve got your life together (or so it appears from the outside). You are high-achieving and thrive in all areas of your life (dare I say, perfectionist?). Yet, there’s one area that you’ve been struggling with for some time: eating. You may call it overeating, or emotional eating, or compulsive overeating, or bingeing, or binge eating disorder, or yo-yo dieting, or food addiction. You excel at everything you do, so why can’t you conquer this one nagging thing?
You’ve tried berating and shaming yourself into making change, but it hasn’t worked. You’ve tried to get your eating and what can feel like an obsession with food, under control numerous times on your own to no avail. You’re ready for a change, maybe even looking for the next magic diet. But, what if the way to make peace with food was something you already possessed? My job is to help you reacquaint yourself with this possession: your innate ability to identify physical hunger, satiety, and satisfaction (that has been hijacked by diets and/or strong emotions) and to increase your understanding of the various ways that food has served you in the past, but no longer serve you.
My goal is to get you to a place where food is “just food” again; where food loses its power and is no longer all-consuming. I take a stratified approach of sorts: working on eating behavior via intuitive and mindful eating and legalizing all foods; increasing emotional fluency and need identification; improving body image and ditching the diet mentality through a Health at Every Size (“HAES”) approach. Give me a call or email me and let’s explore how I can help.

Additional Details

  • Insurance: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield (BC/BS), Can bill if you have Out of Network benefits, MHN/Health Net, Private Pay