CREDN Fall Newsletter 2019

CREDN Fall Newsletter 2019 Inside this issue: New Board Members Events Future Directions Download the PDF to read the full newsletter DOWNLOAD HERE – Fall 2018 Newsletter

CREDN Spring Newsletter 2019

CREDN Spring Newsletter 2019 Inside this issue: 2019 Annual CREDN Conference Lucky Labs on PCOS and Sexual Assault Wired for Love, a book review Addressing Race in Clinical Practice: Equity and Inclusion in the Treatment of Eating Disorders By Jasmine Cejna, LMHC, LPC The CREDN board decided the topic of race as it relates to mental […]

CREDN Fall Newsletter 2018

CREDN Fall Newsletter 2018 Inside this issue: Scope of Practice Teaching Teachers about Eating Disorders 2018 NEDA Walk Practicing Within Your Scope of Practice on a Treatment Team By Jasmine Cejna, LMHC, LPC I recognize that the topic of scope of practice is controversial. I know first hand how disagreeing about roles and responsibilities can interfere with the […]

CREDN Spring Newsletter 2018

CREDN Spring Newsletter 2018 Inside this issue: UPCOMING EVENTS CREDN NEWS HOW TO BE A THIN FAT-ACTIVIST 21ST ANNUAL CREDN CONFERENCE LUCKY LAB TRAINING’S How to be a thin fat-activist… By Jasmine Cejna, LMHC, LPC I am a thin, white, straight-ish person who identifies as female. My work (and passion) is largely about giving marginalized folx a voice and […]

CREDN Fall Newsletter 2017

CREDN Fall Newsletter 2017 Inside this issue: BODY LOVE EVENTS CREDN EVENTS THE FIGHT AGAINST FOOD & BODY SHAME,IN SCHOOLS NEDA WALK 2017 IS #BOPO ALL IT’S CRACKED UP TO BE? The Fight Against Food and Body Shame in Schools As most of us who either have our own kids or work with children know, diet-culture has been seeping […]

CREDN Spring Newsletter 2017

CREDN Spring Newsletter 2017 01-Jun-2017 The CREDN Board was happy to invite Dr. Thomas Lynch, PhD, founder and developer of Radically Open Dialectical Behavior Therapy (RO-DBT) to present as the keynote speaker on Using Social Signaling to Target Emotional Loneliness in Anorexia Nervosa and Other Disorders of Over-control. Dr. Lynch was a charismatic speaker and […]

CREDN Fall Newsletter 2016

CREDN Fall Newsletter 2016 Inside this issue: CREDN BOARD NEWS NEDA WALK TALK ED HAMLIN, PH.D. ON TREATING ED USING NEUROSCIENCE CO-OCCURRING SUBSTANCE ABUSE & EATING DISORDERS THE CHANGING ENVIRONMENT OF ED TREATMENT Neuroscience and the treatment of eating disorders In September, CREDN and IADEP held their first joint event. Ed Hamlin, PhD, of the Institute for Applied Neuroscience was invited to speak about advancements in […]

CREDN Spring Newsletter 2016

CREDN Spring Newsletter 2016 03-May-2016 On Saturday, February 27th, CREDN hosted our annual conference with the theme, “Gender, Sport, and Eating Disorders: Diverse Per- spectives from Treatment on the Edge.” Held at Lewis and Clark College, the conference built upon themes from previous years, with a focus on the diversity of our patient population. A […]

CREDN Spring Newsletter 2016

CREDN Spring Newsletter 2016 Inside this issue: ● Summaries of presentations given at CREDN’s annual conference ● The impact of the 2015 NEDA Awareness Week ● Outreach update ● CREDN’s Lucky Lab event ● GI Distress and Eating Disorders ● New additions to the CREDN Board ● Upcoming events CREDN’s 19th Annual Conference On Saturday, February […]

Recent Studies Related to Obesity Prevention and Binge Eating Disorder—2011

Recent Studies Related to Obesity Prevention and Binge Eating Disorder—201119-Nov-2014 by Dr. Dawnn McWatters A search of PsycINFO for binge eating-related research in the past year yielded over 150 articles and books, with a notable percentage highlighting the complex interplay between physiological, social, cultural, and psychological processes. As Boutelle et al (2011) recently noted, “It […]

A Literature Review by Susannah Castle, PsyD—2011

Geneen Roth’s recent publication Women Food and God: An Unexpected path to Almost Everything (2010), and Sarah Maria’s 2009 publication of Love Your Body, Love Your Life I recently have been working on the curriculum for a body image group that myself and two of my col- leagues have been running over the past several […]

Feed Me: Writers Dish About Food, Eating, Weight and Body Image—2007

Feed Me: Writers Dish About Food, Eating, Weight and Body Image—200707-Jan-2010 Edited by Harriet Brown. A collection of essays written by Jane E. Brody, Diana Abu-Jaber and others. Book review written by Juleeanna Andreoni, MS, LD. This collection of essays includes stories about how many now successful women grew up learning body dissatisfaction and food […]