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Columbia River Eating Disorders Network

Welcome to the
Columbia River Eating Disorder Network (CREDN)!

CREDN is a non-profit organization composed of a diverse community of professionals, dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eating disorders.

Our Mission is to support a bio-psycho-social conceptualization of eating disorders that recognizes both biological and environmental variables and risk factors, such as genetics, temperament, sociocultural ideals, systemic oppression, trauma and dieting.

We understand that eating disorders are complex, brain-based illnesses, and that nutrition rehabilitation is essential for recovery. We also recognize that eating disorders impact people of all genders, races, sizes, socioeconomic statuses, religions, ethnicities, abilities and ages.

We are dedicated to the growth of eating disorder treatment to best support the communities that have previously been left behind by working to increase equity and by actively supporting an anti-diet, weight-inclusive, intersectional approach to eating disorder treatment.

We provide education opportunities to our members and the community because we believe it is the responsibility of all providers to continually learn and grow as current research and best practices evolve, and we believe that education can lead to early intervention in eating disorder recovery.

We promote community awareness regarding eating and body-image concerns, and work to offer referral information for those seeking treatment by maintaining a list of local providers who are committed to upholding this mission.

Lori Irving started CREDN by inviting interested individuals to join her in an endeavor to better understand eating disorders and to work toward the prevention of eating disorders. She had an interest in bringing professionals, academics, family members and individuals who suffer from eating disorders together, so that everyone had a chance to be heard and to contribute to the field of eating disorder treatment and prevention.

She believed in diversity, inclusion and collaboration, and she believed in the power of like-minded individuals working together to promote change. She believed in building bridges rather than walls.

Lori’s interest in the field was born, in part, by her struggle with anorexia as a teen. Lori’s passion for her work catalyzed those around her. Lori approached her research, community involvement and teaching responsibilities with her keen intellect and genuine concern and sensitivity for every individual she encountered.

Lori’s life was relatively short but her legacy to the CREDN community, and to the community of staff and students at WSU was large and is an ongoing source of inspiration for those who knew her.

Conference Testimonials

Thank you – this was the best CREDN conference I’ve attended thus far. All 3 presenters (Tyson, Pershing, Turner) were top notch and did a wonderful job.

This is my 3rd CREDN Conference and I always leave with renewed commitment to health care, and how to better serve ALL patients. lots of food for thought! I appreciated the ability to network & share information at this event.

As a new clinician in this field and this being the first conference I’ve attended in this role, I am so inspired and energized hearing these approaches to food, self, and image. Such exciting stuff! Happy I entered the field.

It was wonderful to hear and see all these people who support each other and care about providing best treatment options for people suffering from eating disorders.

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